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Windows 8 32-bit Ram Patch

According to Microsoft’s own knowledge base article 929605, all 32-bit versions of Vista support up to 4GB of memory, but the actual usable address space will be less than 4GB.

The reason for this is that a section of the memory is set aside for memory map interfaces. This is generally a space that is set aside to ensure driver compatibility and the amount used will vary depending upon the devices installed in the system.
Typically, a system with 4GB of RAM will report only 3.5GB of addressable space.

If a computer has many installed devices, the available memory may be reduced to 3 GB or less. However, the maximum memory available in 32-bit versions of Windows Vista is typically 3.12 GB.

This same limitation applies to Windows 7/8 - 32 bit

But this is not the case for the 64-bit flavor of Windows 7.
The Home Basic and Starter SKUs can manage up to 8 GB of RAM, with Home Premium taking the limit to 16 GB. The Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate versions of Windows 7 will support as much as 192 GB of RAM.

A 32-bit OS can only address about 3 GB of memory.
You need to install a 64-bit OS if you have 4 GB or more of memory!

Windows 32-bit With/Without Patch.
Windows 64-bit.

Microsoft Windows 8 32-bit RAM Patch Wizard

Before Installation

After Installation

Remember that, A 32-bit OS can only address about 3 GB of memory! (with/without patch).

Do not use this patch with other patch!

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